Solar Panel extender cable question

The solar panel comes with a 13ft cord. I live in a house built in the 1880’s and have a 20ft drop from my roof to the canaleaver over my front door.

My question is… what extender cable does Anker suggest using with the solar panel to the wire-free 2K security camera?

Make sure that you use a cable that has minimum of 24 ga. wire. That will allow a decent charging current without high losses. Most USB cables use smaller 28 ga. wire and that will drop too much voltage.

Its can be hard to find the exact wire size when ordering prebuilt cables, but it will sometimes be called out in the product description for better quality cables.
Remember, wire gauge numbers increase as cable size decreases. So, a 24 ga. wire is larger and can carry more current than a 28 ga wire.

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