Solar panel Charging issue on EufyCam 2

I recently got the Official Eufy Solar Panel and am a bit confused whether my EufyCam 2 is charging or not. When I select Solar Panel on the Power Source nothing happens but when I select battery it appears to show the camera charging in the Icon.
However the battery does not increase and even seems to reduce more rapidly. Anyone else have the issue and if so what settings do you use to get the camera to charge? On YouTube LifeHackster pointed out the same issue but the camera at least did appear to charge for him. Any suggestions/feedback would be a great help.

Do you have the power source set to Solar on the Power Manager page?

Yes. Have set it to both in the past. When set to Solar no charging indication displays on the camera. When set to bettery a battery charge indication appears. One thing that does seem to happen is the power usage does seem to get worse when set to battery with the solar panel connected. During the day no charging shows up on the display when the solar panel is set on the camera even when in direct sunlight.

Don’t have a panel… but I did learn today that the battery doorbell with it connected to existing doorbell wiring will only charge it within a certain range to protect the battery. ( don’t own one… just heard this ) The fact that it didn’t charge to full would have confused me. Maybe the solar is playing this game???

The charge indicator on the camera doesn’t light when the panel is used in solar mode, but you should be able to tell if its charging by looking at the power manager page. It also won’t charge all the way up. It will cycle at some point based on usage and the amount of sun its getting. Charging to 100% is bad for lithium batteries and lowers the life of the cells. That’s why they added the solar power source selection.