Solar panel add on not keeping my cameras charged

I had two eufy cam installed a week ago today with solar panels attached to each. They’ve gone from 100% down to 34% in a week. The setting on the cameras are the middle option (60 second max recording) the solar panels are south facing. At present the cameras are useless as I can’t get up a ladder to bring the cameras in to charge every week (I’m disabled) hence why I purchased the solar panels too. I need the cameras to record things happening outside my home (otherwise what’s the point of them?) but for the expense I’m glad I’ve still got a £49 wired camera still in place! Any advice??

I don’t have any solar panels but on the settings for my cameras (2C Pro), under “Power Manager” there is an option called “Power Source” and in there “Battery” and “Solar Panel” are listed and you can select either.

When I select solar, it prompts me to confirm I have a solar panel connected so I don’t know if it changes to take power purely from solar or if that turns the solar charging on. Technically I guess you’re still using battery as power source, but just thought I’d mention it.

Hopefully someone with more experience will come soon to help.

Thanks for the response. Yes they’ve been changed to ‘solar’ on the power management setting. It’s just really disappointing that the solar panels are just a let down.

I live in Seattle so solar is tough here. Are your panels getting several hours of straight sun everyday? Don’t have the panels on my cams. Don’t think they would work here.

Also… something seriously wrong with these numbers…solar panel or not. Can we see a screenshot of your cameras view?

A little more information is necessary.

What model cameras?
Are the solar panels generic or Eufy brand?
How many activations have you had since you installed the equipment?

@chefrd I am 100 miles North of you and have 1 cam set up with a Eufy panel. In the last 5 months, its kept the 2C pro charged. This cam has less than 10 activations a day, but I am happy with the performance and somewhat surprised that it has kept up. Don’t expect much for the next several months, but who knows.

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I live in the UK and direct sun is a bit lacking as we move into winter.

Any point me getting one?

So many variables I know, so basically, does anyone in the UK have experience of the solar panels?

I bought cheap solar panels from amazon/china and they work fine with my 2C. Perhaps its just faulty solarpanels you bought.

I have the official solar panels, I’m in the UK, I have one for each camera and the cameras have been at 100% since I got them, the back yard camera gets a lot of pings too with the dog out there, there parasol blowing in the breeze etc. Haven’t dropped below 100% all summer.

Interested to see what happens over the winter, mind.