Solar outdoor camera suggestions

I’m looking for ab outdoor security camera preferably wireless and solr powered

Just installed my SoloCam S40 today, wonderful outdoor cam with a solar powered battery, spotlight AND internal storage of 8gb!

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The S40 as stated seems to be a pretty good camera.

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I’m looking forward to hear how these cams hold up. I have 7 outdoor cams and only 1 location has steady sun. And I live in Seattle where winters make solar for anything difficult.

Same. We are in upstate New York with some harsh winters, and many cloudy days. Hoping that solar charging is sufficient to keep the batteries charged

I bought , Solocam S40, I can’t see the live view on my Echo Show, In the Alexa app. has a message saying Live view not supported. Alexa App seeing it as a light and not as a camera. My ring door bell works fine with Echo Show’s.