So now there is a home base mini repeater?

Advertised in Australia and “awaiting stock”. Seems like a product that should have been around a long time ago… anyone know about this?

Can you provide a link to this?

link?? that will be awesome

This same store has a eufy video stating facial recognition is available, notifications include a person who has been identified and something called EverCam.

I sure can’t find facial recognition on my recently purchased A$600 device!

The first eufycam generation has facial recognition.
As for the repeater, it’s just a miniature version of the homebase with a chime, not an actual repeater to extend homebase coverage.

So the latest model has LESS functionality? Is that a bit nuts? I want the long life camera batteries but they all come with the home base that does not have facial recognition. Guess I’ll return it all and start again. :slightly_frowning_face: