So Many Products - So Very Little Support

After having the wired doorbell and loving it, I got the indoor cam 2k (or whatever you all have renamed it too now). A year and a half later, it’s a love/hate relationship. Your products are OK. Reliable? Sure. However, the AI/detection, is TERRIBLE! Trees, rocks, car wheels, house windows, all get detected as “human”. It’s just bad.

There’s no real support either. The app is CONSTANTLY showing me bouncing “gift” icons and red dots to get more “referrals”. It’s shady, lame and tiring. Along with your constant need to make new products that nobody is asking for. STOP!

Fix your current products, deliver what you say. Nobody wants what you all are constantly making. Nobody. You all are diluting your brand so much, it’s insane.

No other homekit support from any other cameras (namely the video doorbells or the wired outdoor cams). Glitchy software, the list goes on and on.

I am looking for alternatives right now, even if they cost more. Really tired of it all.


Sounds like you need time out with yourself. Most all ai cameras will have some glitch to them unless you are willing to fork out a huge amount of money for a commercial type system.

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The thing I don’t get is… some eufy cams you can mark the miscalled AI detection so it can learn not to miscall that item. Why isn’t that on every camera they make? Even something small like fonts that have black edges are on a few cams but not all??? That’s like a 15 minute fix.

They seem very confused.

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Totally agree! You speak my mind. Back in the days when I’ve used Homebase 1 and outside cameras everything was perfect, since i’ve upgraded to HB 2 and cameras Pro, its garbage. Notifications doesnt work, solar panel doesnt work, cameras are still off etc. And support? Terrible. Im done with Eufy, looking for alternative too.

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So I need time to myself because Eufy cams can’t figure out AI, even though they advertise the hell out of that feature? Uh no. Every other camera I have had, no issues with AI detection.