Snooze what is it for?

Hi All, got a guestion here , what is the snooze option for? I am talking about the symbol of the bell “zzz…” shown on top of the screen? Is it something to do with delaying the recording when motion activated ? Thanks in advance

Just simply stops you from getting notifications when motion is sensed, you can snooze it for a set amount of time. It’s great to use if you get a bunch of false motion alarms, it will still record motion even when you snooze the device, you just won’t receive the notifications. But you can always check it in the events tab to see the recordings.

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I use snooze when people are hanging out in the back yard so I don’t get flooded with notifications. It’s sometimes better than switching security modes because it will revert back after the time you select and you can pause notifications on only the one camera you want, rather than the whole system.


I see many thanks for explanation👍

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Thanks for explanation

Dumbest thing ever - if you want a device to snooze it should snooze - not just turn off notifications - it should literally SNOOZE. This system just wastes batteries - there is no easy way to turn a device off for a period of time.