Snooze homebase chime (not alarm) for a set amount of time

I have my homebase set as chime when people are hitting the doorbell button, which is fine most of the time. Sometimes I’d like to snooze it and only receive phone notifications though, eg. when my baby is asleep.

The only way to do this as of now is clicking on (my app is in French, so this might be inaccurate) the doorbell settings, then “Indoor chime”, then “Homebase as chime”, then disabling “Homebase alert”.

This is fairly long + I might forget to put it back on after the fact. I was hoping that the “delayed alarm” setting in the security modes would handle this but it only deals with alarms and not with doorbell presses.

Any hint how to do this is appreciated in case I missed the feature.


There is a round a bout way to make this work. You need to turn on doorbell motion detection first. This will allow you to use the snooze button. If you don’t want motion detect, set sensitivity really low so it doesn’t go off. When you hit snooze, you can select motion snooze and Homebase Snooze and how long you want it to snooze. This will turn off the Homebase Chime without all the steps.

It would be nice if snooze worked on the doorbell without turning on motion detection, but for some reason, they made it so its not even available unless motion is turned on. This way, it will go back to working normally when the snooze time is up and baby is awake.