Smart Screen, cameras

I recently noticed on the Eufy website that they are using a touchscreen to control their cameras. Is this an Android tablet? I recently purchased a Google Video Hub in the hopes that it would allow me to easily view the doorbell, but that was short-lived… haha.

If anyone knows of another way to control our cameras that I’m not aware of, could you please let me know.

The tablet is an eufy device.
The fine print in the video states [ display coming soon ] , future release date will be announced in the future.
That video is 11 months old… so I don’t know what they’re waiting for??

I suppose you could use an Android tablet but, that would just work the same as your phone does now.

From what I’ve read here… linking eufy devices to other manufacturer display hubs don’t work properly.


Thank you! I didn’t see the fine print, lol

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Hey @eufy_official, any update on the Smart Display eta? Thanks!

Well, it’s been in the works since December 2021… Filed with the FCC.