Smart Rich Notifications

Is there a plan to add smart rich notifications whenever motion is detected and video recorded instead of just a text notification like now?

It was one thing Arlo is really
Good at. P


Would be great

This would definitely be nice to have!

What’s smart rich notifications?

Really would love this feature! Being able to view a snapshot on iPhone, Apple Watch would save time, be much more convenient. Hoping it will happen.

Like this??

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Right now my notifications only show up like this:

I would like notifications to show a snapshot of what was detected like Arlo does.

Does it actually work? Does it play on the Apple Watch? The YouTube video showed you clicking the play button but no video played? How did you get that to show up with the play button? All I get is a text notification, looks promising! Thanks

It doesn’t play. Sometimes I get text, other times I get a photo image and that’s the first time I’ve tried to play the clip on my watch #fail.

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Would be great to get a preview, thumbnail image. All I ever get is a text message. Wonder how I can get the image preview?

Yes exactly!

Yes, I want Rich notifications Support!

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Update. When you get the text update on your Apple watch notification. Tap it, you get this video clip but it doesn’t play. Having said that. Be got the original Apple watch soma bit out dated. Anyone with an Apple Watch series 5 who can try it?

Are you using the video doorbell or cameras?

Video doorbell.

I would also like to see rich notifications on I’m on Apple Watch series 5 watch os 7.2 and cant seam to get any notifications to my watch I’m using Apple HSV any ideas? Feel like we use to get notifications on watch but i am not at this point.