Smart Lock Touch with WiFi and Google Home setup

Hi all, I have installed my new Smart Lock Touch with Wi-Fi, and have paired it with the Wi-Fi Bridge and have added it to Google Home, but even though Google Home displays the Smart Lock Touch as connected, it doesn’t allow me to do anything with it. I cannot lock or unlock from Google Home. It tells me that the lock is unavailable. Did I miss an important step during setup?

After installing the lock, I paired it with my phone via Bluetooth (within the Eufy Security app). I set up the Wi-Fi Bridge and then paired the lock with the Wi-Fi Bridge.


I had other devices (cameras) set up already in Google Home, so the Eufy Security app was already connected. I added the lock to Google Home, but Google Home tells me that the device is unavailable. I cannot lock, unlock or get the lock status through Google Home.

Any ideas?


Can anyone confirm if it works with Alexa? Not sure why it doesn’t work with Google Home. It shows up, but you can’t do anything with it. You can’t get the status, you can’t lock or unlock.

Hmm. After the official announcement on here for the Smart Touch Lock w/ WiFi, it just started working, out of the blue.