Smart Lock Touch keeps resetting

Looking for community support here since I’m stuck with a brand new device that keeps resetting leaving it unusable.

I recently purchased the “eufy Security Smart Lock Touch”, model number T8510111.

Install and programming in users/fingerprints was a breeze.

However, in 2 days of use it has spontaneously reset 3 times wiping all the entered data (fingerprints/passwords).

When I open the app, it states, “This lock has been reset. Please go through the setup process again if you want to use it. Remove device”.

It’s not connected to the internet ( I ordered the wifi bridge to see if that will change anything) and can’t find any feedback online or the provided literature offering a solution.

Any recommendations?


Learn from me and return it before its too late my friend. I stuck with two with useless wifi (it doesn’t know how to reconnect itself to the home wifi n kept droping after i set it up)