Smart Lock Touch -Battery issue

I recently installed the smart lock touch for my home. I used the batteries provided and the following morning, at 1am, got a notification of low battery. I got this same message every day at 1am. The battery icon showed full strength (however, there is no way to check the percentage). After 4 days of this, I contacted support and was told the unit was defective. I received my replacement yesterday and installed the new lock and same issue. At 1am got a low battery notification. I am running the latest firmware (1.0.56). I used brand new batteries. Also, I noticed that when I try to manually open the lock from the inside, the handle (for lack of better word) does not move smoothly and makes a grinding noise. This does not happen all the time. I did calibrate the lock. Any suggestions before I contact Eufy again and possibly just return the lock for good. Thanks

The noise can be caused by dirt or something. You could try WD-40 maybe (not an expert) to make it go smoother.

As for the battery issue, do contact eufy. Maybe they can fix it, or you can return the item. I don’t think this problem is anything you can fix on your own.

Thank you. I thought one time was a fluke, but now that my replacement lock is doing it as well, is disappointing.

Strange though, that it reports low battery at a fixed time, and then being told its a device defect. This sounds like a firmware issue to me.

You might be correct its a firmware issue if its happening on 2 separate devices. Its really disappointing as at some point it really is going to be a low battery and I won’t know which notification to believe. As I mentioned the battery icon shows full strength, however, there is no percentage as with the cameras battery. I’ll give Eufy a call when they open. Thank you for your help!

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@jjhwang60657 this can happen if there us even a bit of friction when the locking mechanism goes to close. Please try this: open the door, turn the lock to open and close a few times somewhat quickly, then close the door…you should just be able to swing the door shut without having to push or pull it close, go into the app and recalibrate the lock. If it fails or jams then the lock isn’t fully closing properly and can cause the battery warning as its trying to increase power output to close the lock. Take a look at the mechanism and see if you need to make minor adjustments for it to operate smoothly and then recalibrate until you get it working smoothly without issues.

I don’t have an issue closing the door, only when opening it via the knob. When I open it using the app, code, or fingerprint, I never hear the grinding noise or feel that it is having difficulty opening/closing. Its only when I open the door from the inside using the knob.

I did search around and it seems like there are others having issues with the battery life on the lock.

Anyway, I will do as you suggested. Also, I contacted Eufy and supposedly they are going to push a firmware update within 24 hrs. We’ll see if any of this works.


Installed mine on 9/10 and having the same battery issues. I look at settings and it shows full bars but at 1 am every day it show battery low under lock events. Can more people check under lock events and see if it’s happening or if I need to return mine.

Sounds like it is a firmware issue, reach out to support and ask if they can push the updated firmware to your device. I’m out of state for a funeral right now so I can’t check mine, but should be able to further help and determine if anything needs to be replaced or just updated.

@jjhwang60657 I experienced the lock sticking and grinding when trying to manually open or close the lock. I took mine apart and tested without the door mechanism, I opened and closed it a few times with resistance but after a few more rapid lock and unlocks it stopped grinding. So I put it all back together and its working much smoother now. My guess is that whatever it was could be manufacturing defect on the gears or debris from assembly getting into them and binding them up. But I had to get it fixed before I left for out of state funeral, so trust me I know the frustration, I would have had to go buy a new lock for the door if I couldn’t get it working before we left. But if your willing to, I say give it a try and see if it helps you or not. When I get back home in a few days I will let you know if its still working or there was issues. Good luck

Glad to know I am not the only one. I sent some videos to Eufy to demonstrating the problem. They said they are going to send it to someone on the back end to look at it. I don’t think a firmware update will fix this, its definitely a hardware issue. It shouldn’t take so much force to open the lock. I did a test where I tried to open the lock manually and it wouldn’t work. So, I unlocked it with my phone and viola - opened with no issues (no grinding or hesitation). Something about the manual lock is the issue. @Tank - I can’t wait to hear if your issue was resolved by taking it apart.

As for the battery issue - i’m running 1.0.56. I believe its the latest. I haven’t received an update despite my request.

UPDATE: I decided to uninstall and reinstall the lock. The difference this time, I didn’t put the batteries in. For the past 2 hours, absolutely no issues opening and closing the lock manually. Usually, after the lock is engaged I have a hard time opening it. I wonder if the lock is creating some kind of seal that is preventing it from being opened manually. This is simply my unscientific observation.

So my issues have been resolved with the lock working consistently after my fix posted above.

@Tank - I am glad to hear that its working better for you. I ended up getting my third lock. Its been on my door for 3 days now. This one is so much better, but still having some issues with the grinding/difficulty opening from the inside. I noticed I only have this issue when the auto-lock feature is engaged. And, it not all the time as with my old lock. So, for now I have this feature off and it opening/closing mechanism is very smooth. Trying to decide if I should keep it or not.

Do you know by chance that it has a different firmware version than your last locks?

Its the same firmware 1.00.56.

Just an FYI - I just got an email from Eufy regarding a new firmware update 1.0.61 which is supposed to fix the low battery notice I get at 1am every day. Also, CS told me that a new firmware was being developed regarding the grinding issue and it should be out in 2-3 days.

I see the exact same issue from a couple of days. I just installed the lock 3 days ago and as the lock indicated that the battery that came with it were low, I changed to brand new batteries. I still saw low battery warnings at 1AM from a couple of days. Looks like a firmware issue.

The updated firmware has been out for a bit, I would check and make sure you have the latest firmware

Even with version 1.0.56 I am still encountering the issue. I’ve had the door lock for 1.5 months and found the only fix is replacing the batteries or at least removing and putting them back. The door also will not unlock from the outside when this issue occurs.

I have had to replace the batteries twice now in about a month of use. I expected the batteries that came with to not last that long but earlier this week I put brand new Duracell in and it didn’t make it a week before announcing low battery. I has been cold here in NE Indiana but not crazy cold, not below zero. I see a comment about a firmware update but I’m currently on 1.0.56 and it claims that is the most current when I “check for firmware update”. I’m hoping this doesn’t become a persistent issue as the lock works well for us other than the batteries.