Smart lock in Europe?

Do Eufy plan to release EU version of Smart lock family?

Or its possible to use US version in EU? - I’m not sure, since I saw pictures and videos of installation > EU locks are different.


Eufy could you provide us at least rough date for EU vertsion, if any?

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Would also be interested in knowing wether a EU release is on the horizon as I’m looking for a smart lock while already using lots of Eufy products; would be nice to stick with the same eco system.

It’s available in the"add device" options, so I think I’m going to chance it. I’ll let you know if I run into any issues. It’s available from soo I’ll do some research into that company’s reputation and if it passes the sniff test I’ll order.

Big apple buddy seems like a scam, all items are out of stock and they just redirects you too their Amazon affiliate link.

I went with where you get an address in USA that you can send orders through. Still expensive, i think i ended up spending 200€ on shipping, but I bought some other stuff as well.

I have the lock installed and it’s been working for a couple of weeks now.

I had to drill new holes in my door which was the time consuming part. Getting the lock installed was easy.

The mechanic parts of the deadbolt seems a bit iffy, they get stuck some times and requires more force, but it hasn’t made me unable to get in. If it becomes a problem later on I’ll see if I can find a replacement for just that part.