Smart life APP integration

Hi all
I created this topic to understand if also other people’s would think that this would be helpful, having the system in the smart life app would help to create easy scenarios with the other smart plugs and so on stuff
For example, if Home base start alarm than turn on all the external lights for example or activate the external siren and so on
Let me know


Hi, my wish as well


Alexa et Google Home moyen ( toujours pas de mode ‘désarmé , juste absence et présence
Donc , oui , je souhaite la prise en charge par Smartlife

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My wish also, would be perfect for integrate smart home.

For example: One move trigger turn smart lights on (i’m using homeylux)


We are not that much to request it, but perhaps the developer have anyway the resources to implement it

That would be very helpful to create new scenarios !! Please do it !!

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Yes, I wih the integration with TUYA SMARTLIFE for automatisation with lights when there is an alert.

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I have bought several devices from eufy and I realy need to create scenario with other devices (strong Siren alarm). I’am hesitating to send back all the package I bought from amazon (more than 650 euros) because I’m unable to do simple automation with external devices. (the level sound of alarm siren of the eufy base 2 is ultra weak indeed)

note: automation using homeKit is possible but available only for cameras (not entry sensors, not home base) but you need an other apple Device like concentrator (ipad, or mini pod or apple TV, that you keep at home)


Yes i would like it.
I need to create scenarios with eufy and activate smart life lights.