Slow notification

Dear just bought Homebase 2 and 4 Eufy 2 cams. But even when putting motion detection to highest Nd activity zone to full screen, 1) the motion is only detected when really being in front of the cameras and/or 2) it’s either because there is long delay between detection & the notification + alarm. Much longer than my previous Ring camera’s, on the same WIFi. Is there a solution ? Not so satisfied with my purchase, will bring back if not solved. Br

I had a similar problem with motion sensing not triggering until someone walked right up to the camera. I resolved it after reading through this advice more carefully. I realised that the trigger to motion sensing is a PIR sensor, then the camera takes over to decide if the motion is within any motion zones or human (if switched on).

I’m my case I had set the cameras up so I had the best picture coverage, minimizing how much I over looked my neighbours. I had pointed the cameras down quite steeply, this moved the detection zone to very close to the camera. I leveled the cameras out a little, this moved the detection zone further out. Now I’m getting far more recordings from much further away.