Slow and sometimes non existent doorbell notifications with the Android app

I have two Eufy doorbells, Pro and Standard with more than enough Voltage
I also run the Eufy app on two Android devices, my phone and a tablet in my basement. Today I noticed my tablet received the notifications and my phone didn’t. Can I run two Eufy apps under the same account? I have viewed both cameras individually at the same time in two different apps without any problems.

Even with only one app running notifications are hit or miss. Both motion and button press. Motion sensitivity is in the middle, with text only notifications.

Also, should I disable battery optimizations for the Eufy app in Android settings? If so, why isn’t that immediately suggested?

I love how literally every single Youtube review raves about the speed and accuracy of the notifications. I guess they wouldn’t get free products if they were honest.

I’m still in my return window and at this rate these doorbells aren’t going to make the cut.

While I’m here, obligatory RTSP and IFTTT support please. While I rather have proper inside LAN RTSP support, I find it shocking that a smart product was released without IFTTT support. On the other hand, IFTTT would probably make the notifications even slower.


I’m experiencing long delays on the Video Doorbell, before notifications get to my Android phone. Several minutes can elapse before I’m notified of an event at the door. I’ve recently installed the device so I’ll see how things go over the next day or two.

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