Siren options for home security


Recently purchased a Eufy security and a pro 2 camera pack. Very happy with everything. Works very well, battery and range seems really good.

I am however shocked at how poor the siren is. I was expecting several devices to have a speaker/siren and it be loud as a security siren should be. I can barely hear it in another room.

Has anyone had an success in added a smart siren device into the solution and how?

Something like a Smart Wifi Siren from Enerj?

Can the Eufy Genie do anything?

As i’ve read on other posts, Eufy please make a siren device for the home security kit!! Its almost makes the security solution pointless. The idea is to alert and alarm to drive intruders out?!


I’m hoping they either allow automation to the floodlight camera to set off it’s siren or release a dedicated external siren.

Hey, indeed, an external smart siren to plug with homebase could be a great idea !

I, too, would like additional siren options. Even just an option to add a remote speaker. For example, our HomeBase2 is downstairs on the first floor, but I’d like to be able to pair an additional speaker to the system using the Add Device function to have another speaker upstairs. Essentially, a repeater speaker.

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Does Eufy has a solution for this query ? I would likealso to purchase an additional Siren, because the one on the Homebase is really to low.