Single App for all products and portals

From what I understand, there are a couple of Eufy apps out there as well as portals. I don’t own any other products such as the appliances… yet. I find it a bit bizarre effort it split and duplicated for 2 (or more) apps and portals out there.

I’m not a bit fan of upselling but I’d be more inclined to buy other Eufy products and also appreciate 100% of the development resources focusing on one app to make it better for the end-user.

Equally, aligning the App and Portal UI’s either by using something like web views or another tool to reduce the overheads and work load for devs would be a bonus for efficiency. Not to mention keep the functionality consistent across differing devices. Google Nest does this pretty well, and I’m sure other platforms do.

Just some quirks and thought’s I’ve encountered so far with this new set up.

There are some internal reasons why you see 2 apps because it is run by 2 teams. In the future, we will try to solve this problem.

Thanks @Mengdi for the reply. As a dev / designer I completely understand and know the complexities behind the scenes, especially when it comes to multiple teams and companies. Hopefully we can see an all-in-one app in the near future :+1: