Simultaneous Multi camera view with sound

The only thing holding me back from buying a lot more of the indoor cams is the lack of the ability to be able to quickly and simultaneously view the live feed of every camera at once AND be able to selectively play the sound for multiple cameras in that view. For example if I have 3 indoor eufy cams and want to see the live feed for all 3 of them but only want to hear the sound for 2 out of 3 of them then that would be a great thing. It is a huge pain to have to touch each camera just to be able to see and hear the live feed one at a time. Almost every other camera on the market today has this feature, including the cheaper Wyze cams. I completely understand that this might not be necessarily possible on the battery operated cams, however, it is very possible to do on the AC powered cams such as the new indoor cams. Eufy, are you working on development for this feature?