Simultaneous “hits”

I have a Cam 2 covering the front door and a hummingbird feeder. I have a Cam 2C covering the back yard deck and another hummingbird feeder. Normally, I will get dozens of 20-second hits from hummingbirds during the day. Also, the front Cam has never failed (until today) to trigger when a package has been left at the door.
Today, I had a package delivered to the front door without triggering the Cam 2. I can determine the approximate time interval when the delivery occurred by viewing the clips before and after the package is visible at the door. During this interval, there were 6 hits on the back yard Cam.
So, here’s my question:
If one Cam is recording a motion-activated event, can a second event be triggered and recorded on another Cam connected to the same home base? In other words, can simultaneous events be captured by separate Cams?

@Garyduse Yes, the cameras should trigger and record simultaneously all on one base station. Once in a great while a camera might miss a motion detection that another camera nearby picked up. No rhyme or reason though.

You have to set up “automation” in the home base using the app. If my Cam 2 in the driveway detects motion it triggers my battery (hardwired) doorbell so I get the person approaching my front door.

I checked the Amazon delivery time and it did not coincide with any camera event. Apparently, my front door Cam just didn’t trigger this time. I’ve since tested it and it seems to be OK.

I understand. Interestingly today…I noticed my Cam 2 detected an Amazon delivery leaving my driveway but did not detect him walking up my driveway. I have a Wyze camera positioned at a different angle and it did detect him coming & going. I think what happened with the Eufy was it is set to Human Only. He was human but was carrying a large box up the drive that partially blocked the human form. Leaving…no box and full view of human form…Alert. May change to All Motion and reduce sensitivity and see how many false alarms I get. Just info…

@Charlie310 Agreed. Sometimes the AI in Human Detection is not 100%. All motion is probably the best option if you want to catch everything (just figure out the sensitivity). However, it will also depend on the location of each camera. I have several under porches and coverings where “All Motions” setting works very well. No fake alerts, very straight forward. But I can’t do this with cameras pointing towards the road, trees, bushes, or any other high traffic area. Then I have to select it to “Human Detection” in those areas.