Sim card in base

Hi there,
I find the eufy alarm kit very nice, but I think that the system suffer from reliability because it depends on your internet provider to work properly. If for any reason you lose your internet connection you become blind. I find quite easy to cut the fiber optics line in all my suburb so everybody will lose internet. An idea would be to include a Sim card in the base with 4G internet subscription and an internal lipo battery to send data in case the electricity is also cut.

Wonder what the MSRP would be I that option?

There are quite a few routers that offer that functionality. I have a Peplink router that gives me 3 different choices for internet source and switches when one drops out. Its a little more expensive than cheap consumer routers but not when you consider the cost of unreliability. Since there are so many devices today that depend on internet connectivity, in my opinion that functionality needs to reside in the router or gateway. That way all devices get the benefit of multiple connections, rather than one security device.

It’s a solid idea.