Should I update to

Should I update my Homebase 2 to has anyone had any issues I have 4 cam 2c’s 1 cam 2 pro, 2 door sensors and 1 movement sensor

I have seen that fixes activity zones and human only activity

Any thoughts would be appreciated


Yes, definitely update to this version. Many things got fixed that were broken in
My alarm delay bug got fixed, and indeed the activity zones and human only also got fixed.
I have motion sensors, door sensor and eufycam 2’s, so similar to your setup.

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i’m on that firmware for the last 24 hours and i did’n found any issue

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Thanks Both gonna take the plunge wish me luck

After this update, my cameras are not working anymore. Unable to reinstall them. Useless system now.

Ok, I discovered that when using an ethernet connection the cameras stop working due to this new update. So I adjusted the connection to - sometimes unstable - WiFi to solve it. I do not understand that such updates are not tested better!

Mine is on ethernet since I received it. Have no problems what so ever. Maybe it has to do with your ISP or router? What happens when you set it back to ethernet?

I would hold off from upgrading. Version appears to have turned my basestation into a paperweight! No doorbell or motion detection recordings or notifications. ymmv obv