Sharing doorbells

I’d like to be able to share both my wired and wireless video doorbells… But don’t want to share my account and some of my other cameras…
Is it something you are working on?

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You should be able to limit the devices you share for specific account.

Go to the Family and Guests menu in the app. You need to do this on the master account.

Select the account you want to limit. and then go to the bottom of the page. There you will see a + symbol titled Manage Shared Devices.

Click on that and remove the check mark from any device you don’t want shared. Don’t forget to hit Save when you are done.

If the shared account is logged in. They won’t see the changes until they log out and back in again.

Note that when you create a new shared account, all devices will be attached. If you don’t want a share to access them, just remove the check mark and Save.


Thanks much I see the option now…

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@pysailr @Jameshandshy Don’t forget there is a difference when you share your devices as an Admin and Guest. An admin will have access to all the details of the camera (settings, modes, automations, snooze, etc.). Guests pretty much only have access to see live view and recorded events.

Another thing to consider when allowing others to access your cameras. If anyone logs on to get a live feed…the camera will not record automatically. Meaning if you get an alert and someone enters the live feed camera to view the active event while it’s still recording…the video will stop. Honestly, I think Eufy needs to address this issue!! However, I just let my users know if they log on and see something worth recording, they need to manually record the event.

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Very good to know thanks much

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