Share a porch pirate video to win a all-new Smart Drop

Hey, eufy fans!

Let’s talk about porch pirates and how you can win our brand new Smart Drop!

44% of Americans receive at least one delivery to their home each week, with their average monthly e-commerce spending being $222.

As many of you here will be very aware, all these deliveries, unfortunately, attract the attention of porch pirates. 56% of people reported having at least one package stolen from their property and 9% experienced this problem more than 5 times.

With this in mind, we want to give you the chance to win a eufy Security Smart Drop. It offers the perfect solution for this very real issue.

To win upload a video of a time that you captured a potential porch pirate in the act using a eufy Security product.

Upload your video to the Gallery before the 20th of October (TBD).

The top 3 videos with the most likes will win a free eufy Security Smart Drop!

For delivery reasons, the crowdfunding campaign is only available for the following countries:
United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, France, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, New Zealand

Good luck!
eufy Security team


Lmao someone is just gonna throw a package on there front porch. Then disguise themselves as a porch pirate and win. F’ing epic. Still continue to not correct or fix the many bugs and flaws in the software continues to be overlooked.


I have the eufy video doorbell, but I’ve never had a porch pirate.

Ahh the irony :joy:.


Why would you have a contest of sending in a video of someone stealing a package? And how do you have a “best video”??


There marketing strategy is fishing for a porch pirate…

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I’ve started to get visitors flashing their boobs at my camera (They are not taking my parcels) but delivering happiness :laughing:


Hmm, not a bad idea at all

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Fix your software issues instead of coming up with contests that gain nothing.


I have a video of a porch pirate attempting to do evil but I’m having trouble on uploading.

you should upload to the Youtube first and then paste the URL in the gallery upload page.

Porch Pirate!

Now fix the software issues/ missing 2FA you said would be out by August in the US. Or perhaps I’ll just become a pirate commenter on your products sites, to help you win a pile of hardware that doesn’t live up to its claims…


$656,000 I want one!

What “gallery” is this referring to? Is this the “donate” feature in the eufy app?


“Upload your video”… only options for sharing in the Gallery are photos or links to YouTube videos… eufy Fail

How do I upload my video, when you don’t allow me to upload videos? I don’t want to share it on YouTube first, just let me upload it to the gallery!

Porch Pirate

Well, I had my package stolen about 2 weeks ago, and they’re actually security cameras I bought. Talk about irony.


So sorry to hear that

In Germany there are no such porch pirates since packages are only delivered in a face-to-face situation and with a signature at the DHL terminal either by someone from the household or from the neighborhood who has been authorized… so by definition no such video is possible to record.

Still I’d be happy to win. I have recommended Eufy to multiple colleagues and friends and thus contributed (minimally but still) to the business success of your company… Thank you. Stay healthy and safe!