Share a Pic to Win eufy Security Protection Plan or a Discount

Hey eufy fan,

We want to improve Delivery Guard™, our new experimental feature with eufy Security package detection technology. It’s available now on Video Doorbell Dual.

If something isn’t working quite right, we want to know. Just send us a picture or video so we can help teach the AI to make this work 100% of the time.

And if we like your submission, you could get 1-6 months of eufy Security Protection Plan, our monitoring and dispatch service, for free or a discount just by sharing a picture or video with us.

What Pictures and Videos Do We Want?

All kinds with packages in various shapes and lighting conditions. And if you’ve got flower pots, carpets, or other things on your porch, include those witih your package picture or video, too.

Who Can Participate?

US and UK residents.

How Long Do I Have to Send Pictures?

Send us pictures until May 20th, 2022. The more pictures and videos you send during this time, the more we’ll extend your free monitoring service.

Of course, if it’s past May 20th, 2022, you can still send pictures and videos, but unfortunately, you won’t be eligible to participate in the giveaway.

How Do I Submit Pictures and Videos?

Just use this Google Survey form to submit some feedback and your picture or video.

Terms and Conditions

Only suitable and quality submissions will be eligible for prizes. Submissions are screened daily.

Professional monitoring and alarm service is only available for residents of the United States of America.



Why is this for UK and US owners only? I’m living in the Netherlands. I can’t participate for this to win Eufy Security Protection Plan?

Hope to hear from you soon.


This Link doesn’t work…How do you submit for this offer?

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Why don’t you do this again, but longer? I see pictures a lot that say they are packages and it’s wrong. One was even a corner of our doormat that got folded over and eufy said it was a package. Need to encourage people to send pictures still. Even if they just get something minor in response, you would get more responses to help make this work better.

@eufy_official Why are you still displaying this advert, months after the free protection plan offer has ended?


What has the US and the UK got that we haven’t… A postal service? More Criminals? Electricity or is it ‘the internet’ hmmm, I’m in Spain

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If you would like to improve on the delivery guard I would suggest having the option of merging the two cameras into one picture instead of having two pictures or having it to where you can have it both ways user selection

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Is the offer still active ?