Settings when wiring battery doorbell

Do I have to change anything in the app when I hardwire the battery doorbell?
It worked on battery till now, but I’ve now wired it.

I have wired it correctly (directly to a trafo AC 8VA, no chime), but the app only shows the battery icon and the battery is still depleting (@61% now). I’ve added a Ring condenser, but that makes no difference.
I’ve measured the output voltage and ampere, both are correct, but the doorbell still acts as if it is not wired.

No, not in the settings. You probably need more power on the wires as it doesn’t charge now.

Power should be fine. I used a trafo which is reported successfull on multiple fora.
Measured the output on the wires and everything looks fine on that side.

8VA is way undersized. Eufy specs 30 VA for their wired doorbell and the battery version needs the same, especially if you are using an external chime or have long wire runs. Eufy bases their battery life specs on 10 activations a day of 20 seconds each. If you have more than that, you need more power.

Also, many users get by with smaller wattage transformers until the weather starts turning colder. Once that happens, the batteries become less efficient and require more charging and the batteries eventually get exhausted.