Setting up router for remote viewing

I have just received my Homebase2 plus 4 cameras. The installation information was very minimal but sufficient to get it working locally and very easily too.

My question is: Are there any instructions available regarding Port Forwarding so that I can use my local web server to view the cameras over the internet from a remote location?

I appreciate there is a paid web cloud subscription available but I am not prepared to use that for a variety of reasons. If that is the only way forward I shall be reluctantly re-boxing the items and sending them back.

Any guidance and pointers to links will be gratefully received!

You shouldn’t need to use Port Forwarding. Once you’ve got your system set up on your home wifi network, if you turn off wifi on your phone/tablet and connect via mobile 4/5g you should still be able to access the Eufy app and your cameras from your mobile network.

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Good question on it. I have tried to set it up as well and did not see any way of doing so, but I will take a look and see if there was something I missed.