Set up tip for VLAN's

I have my network segmented into multiple VLAN’s and one of my wireless networks is for IoT devices, such as cameras. I had a setting on this network to block Multicast and Broadcast to the LAN. Normally, this does not cause any issues, except for printers and other devices that rely on these protocols for locating devices. Eufy is one of those devices that uses Multicast and Broadcast protocols to locate their cameras. The camera would connect, but could not connect to the internet. Looking at my devices on the network, I noticed that the Eufy cam was connected to the access point, but DHCP server did not assign it an IP address, so it would not connect. All my other networks worked, but not this particular network. I disabled the setting and low and behold, it worked! So, word to the wise, if you have this setting enabled, be sure to disable it and your device will connect properly. Eufy, I suggest making this very clear in the documentation and maybe even consider removing this requirement all together and use another method of discovery all together so that users can keep their networks set to block Broadcast and Multicast discovery protocols from communicating with the LAN for security purposes.

Thanks great tip I’m not 100% how but it solved my issue.

I have a VLAN with device isoltation for IOT at home, Multicast was enabled. I could view my doorbell camera away from home. But at home with my mobile on the WiFi/LAN it couldn’t connect to the camera (seemed to get stuck, even though it showed the camera as online). Disabling Multicast on the VLAN allowed me to get on to the camera from my main LAN.

Any idea why?