Set up Homebase 2

Help I’m trying to set up Homebase 2 only just received it with my doorbell, hoping someone can help before I repackage and send it back.

Ethernet cable connected green light on at back but I can’t get pass the red light, tried different ports still nothing I’m in the uk using a plussnet router and my internet is fine.

Feeling dissatisfied:(

Is the red light constantly on? That means it has no Internet connection. Have you checked whether the router allows for a connection?


Can you please give us the model number of your doorbell and does your network have a combo modem/router?

Thanks for your reply guys I’ve returned the unit via Amazon and refund initiated. So I’ve ordered another one.

As for router as far as I know it should be compatible, I’m in the UK and use a plussnet router

Please let us know if the new replacement doorbell camera works out for you.


Can’t fault Amazon I took the return to a local store at 10:30 pm and by the next morning my monies was back in my bank.

New one just arrived and working as it should.

Without any change to the network it started working again?

The Homebase 2 must have been faulty I returned it with the doorbell, ordered a new package it then worked immediately. Just straight forward plug n play



Thanks for the update and I’m glad it’s working for you as it should.