Server down be patience

Users, Be patience. This take time to be fixed. I do IT support. Please be patience. As soon the issue is resolved, everything will be normal. Only live video will work now.

@Junaid hey look, a little response

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@Michel_Bien thanks for bringing this to my notice.

It is not very clear what this message means and what is working what is not working.

Looks like the person is saying that only live video will work. That is not true. On my system I can do quite a few things.

Just not from the iPhone app.

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Have a little patience??? This has been happening all day long. I can’t view my events. What would happen if someone walked on the property right now?? I can see what happening… I will NOT have any patients when it comes to something like this. THERE SHOULD BE NO REASON THAT A SECURITY COMPANY SHOULD HAVE THEIR SERVER GO DOWN


I’ve had patience for 10 hrs… how much longer? 48 hrs? Negative reviews hurt.


From Eufy live chat

We are sincerely sorry to say that there’s been an issue with Eufy Security server. Please be assured that our tech team is working very hard on fixing this as soon as possible.

Having more and more users worldwide registering eufy accounts and logging in to the Eufy security app, our Eufy Security server needs upgrades to accommodate the expanding scale. For better user experience in the future and for system maintenance, we are performing a system upgrading but unfortunately encountering a system-wide issue.

Rest assured that your cameras are still working and all the recorded videos will be saved in your local storage. And when the server is back to normal, you can still see all the recorded videos on the Events page.

We genuinely hope you have faith in our engineers and we will try our best to resolve this issue as soon as possible within 24 hours.


Users, Be patience. This take time to be fix. I do IT support. Please be patience. As soon is resolved, everything will be normal. Only live video will work now.

Seriously - you can’t fix the grammar before sending this. Oh wait the App is filled with errors just like this - my bad

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Ok i understand that this stuff happens …BUT!!! I do not store my anything on your server so why should it control my options… unless you plan on charging us for security after we all have spent hundreds of $$$ on our systems thinking it was not linked to the mothership. This is unacceptable… i have spent $500+ on my system and i thought i loved it for the ease of use BUT an entire day of down time because your server is having problems is unacceptable… i will trash this shit and buy something new if this happens again!!!
Art Garland

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be patient?. This is a joke right?
I depend on live notifications as my family are at risk.

Please keep us updated.

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I’m confused if everything is stored locally why does it matter if servers are down? If it’s on the device, why can’t I view the event recordings?


This sucks aye.

@jfwinn I was wondering that

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It’s not true. There’s a thread on Reddit of a user who did a deep dive into Eufy. The company goes by several names (3 or 4) and is based in China. Along with all that, events are stored in the cloud. So when you camera captures an event, it’s stored, quietly in the cloud. The servers route back to China and through amazon aws.

That’s why things don’t work correctly. I’m going to ditch the doorbell cam and probably go with the Arlo one. Rest of my cams are Arlo q. Rarely have an issue, they have geofencing, 2 factor authentication and I trust them.

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Could you link the Reddit post? @AbSoluTc

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It’s in one of my previous posts on here. I’ll have to find it otherwise.

Just bear with it. This shit happens all the time. And everyone just complains, when ur ISPs go down or tv services its the same thing. Yeah i get it security is important but things do take time. Try having ur internet down for over 2 weeks. Everyone whinges but knows nothing about the process it takes. I’m dealing with an asshole neighbour that I’d like to keep an eye on but i cant do anything about it. If ur so unhappy go pay for another system. You bought Eufy for a reason but these things do happen. Nothing is perfect. Just my opinion but everyones totally entitled to whatever they think.

Think I’m going to be sending mine back. Since I installed it I think it’s been down more than up. Also, the detections are not working correctly either. I get notifications for stuff outside of my detection zone as well as for stuff in the ignore zone.

We are working with our AWS servers to see what is going on. Your video events are recording as normal. The apps ability to connect to your eufy security products is what allows you to view videos both at home, and remotely when you are not in your home. We know apologies aren’t enough here, but please know we are working hard to figure this out and will update you as soon as we have more detail.

Right now our engineers are working on it, please be patient, thanks!

16:15 EST. Jun. 15, everything is OK, please check with your app, later on we will give an announcement to explain. Sorry again for the inconvenience.