Separate motion sensors

Is there any separate motion sensors I can buy?

At the moment where I’d like the cameras placed is not great for the cameras motion sensors but if I could buy separate sensors to place in certain outside access points to start the cameras recording from a further distance it would be fantastic.


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About to be released in the USA, unknown when for the rest of the world


Good to here that. Hopefully the UK will get them soon then, it’s the only issue I’ve got with the set up and even just one separate motion sensor would make a massive difference

Available in US market, hope to get it soon for the rest of the world…

I’m guessing those existing sensors are not outdoor rated and meant to be used for internal security system though…

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Hey @Dave103!

Thanks for reaching out.

For the separate motion sensors, do you mean the individual pack?

Please give us more details about your situation and your specific need so we can assist you further.

Looking forward to your reply! Have a lovely day.

I guess the idea would be to extend the camera detection range by adding a motion sensor.

For instance I have a camera at the end of an alley, it films the alley ok but only detects when people are past the half of it.
A motion sensor at the beginning of the alley and paired with one of more camera would be able to trigger an event on the cameras a make them record it.

This seems a great idea, although camera ai probably wouldn’t be usable in this camera


You can buy these directly from Eufy. Mine arrived last weekend.

Are they outdoor rated or does it say indoors only?

That’s exactly what I mean

Hi! So I bought the eufy camE kit (2cameras and base unit) and I’m very happy with it the only problem is the motion sensors haven’t got the range I need so I was wondering if there was separate motion sensor I could buy in the uk for outdoor use that I can place by my gate for example that would then trigger my cameras into recording.

Thanks for the time