Sensors added for remote temperature and pressure

Would love the ability to see temperature, humidity and pressure remotely.

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That’ll be more eufy home rather than eufy security

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Regardless even for security I want to know temperature as my camera is on enclosed porch with dog/cat door. In addition would be good if monitoring area of house, garage etc while I’m away to know if freezing temperatures that might impact pipes etc… Failed heating system . Doesn’t matter if home or security forum

I use Sonoff ZigBee temperature sensors which are battery operated in conjunction with the eWeLink app.

You need to cover these sensors as they are not waterproof - but it means you can see the local temperature.

I use these to automatically turn on garage exhausted fans, solar inverter fans, etc when a specific temperature is reached and off again when the temperature drops.

I also have several scattered around the house and in my roof space so I can monitor temperatures remotely via the eWeLink app.