Sell base station separately

Eufy! You should sell the base station separately!! This would be nice because you could buy a separate one for all your sensors if you are getting a bunch of motion and contact sensors. That what I would do. If you ever sell the home base separately I would buy the home base and some sensors for my house and have my cameras on my other home base.

Or if the Homebase breakdowns we could buy only the Homebase to replace it.

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Or if you need to upgrade. Also you should be able to send your old homebase (keep the sd card) and get the new one free of charge or for a little cost.


Very true!!

Is there some list anywhere which shows the device compatibilities per Homebase type? I got a “Homebase 2” with our doorbell, but I very much would prefer to know which devices I can add to that. I don’t get this brand. Why would you leave that info unclear, or unmentioned?

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Everything connects with yours besides the wired doorbell and floodlight which just operates over wifi. Yours is the new and improved version @Anonymous_Pro.

Everything connects to the home base 2 except for the wired doorbell and floodlight

they should probably also connect in the future

If you have a separate homebase for sensors it’ll make it that you can’t setup automations, without automations the sensors are pretty pointless