Security Mode Timer

could we get a timer for the security modes? i disable the system when working around the house and always forget to rearm when i’m done.


You mean aside from snooze, or do you want the system to actually stop recording?

Yes. I am also waiting for this feature.
Disarm the system for 30 minites, few hours (stop recording), but then have it switch back on it’s own.

I also do things around my home, when I disable the system to avoid unnecessary recordings, and then sometimes forget to turn it back on.

Same here. I did suggest this also along with being able to do it to a zone that you define, such as “backyard” so you can still get notifications from the front door while mowing, for instance.

exactly, make it flexable. record or not, notifications or none. if they incorporate the timer with each device you could set up activities to suspend specific devices . something like “mow the back yard 60 minutes”, so if your mowing the back yard only the back yard devices would be disabled for the time you set.

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Agree with this. I’d like to go from 4 to 6 cams, but we’ve got kids outside, yard work, etc. and it’s a PITA to shut each camera off individually in the app, then remember to turn them all back on - nearly every day. Doorbell is different - I have the hardwired version so I’m not concerned with battery life.

on summer weekends, we use the garden for playing, gardening etc…

so we set the security mode to “disarmed”… and then we forget to put it back on.

A security mode timer is the best solution, basic function would be similar to what we find on individual cams : 30 min, 1 hours… 12 hours disabled. On the app, there would be a special color (stripes?).

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Same here. These would be great features. To turn off specific cámaras for a specific period of time and then they automatically turn on.

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