Security mode is different for users

I share the security app with my partner. We have the same powers to manage the system. However, her security mode shows the options to change security mode in another way.
For example, when she selects ´night mode´ it actually goes to ´away´ because it uses the place of the tile and not the configuration behind the tile

What is your night mode, is that your customized mode?
We only have ”Away", “Disarmed” and "Schedule"Mode

I have three modes. See screenshot. The weird thing is that I can´t modify the night mode (top right). I used to be able to create a title, add comment, etc. I can´t even delet it.
On this same spot, iny gf´s app, there is the ´away´ status but with the specs of night mode.
I can´t add the screenshot. Nothing happens when I tick the icon