Security App - Android phone

First off I sent this off to support. Apparently the coders are not familiar with Material Design for Android. The latest software update has screwed up the events screen for me. I own a Pixel 3 XL. They come with a notch in the screen. I can no longer change the date when viewing events. Anytime I try it pulls down my menu. I can turn this off in developer options, but I should not have too.

I can see the date and navigation arrows are right at the top and partially covered but wondered. Can you still click/select the date right on the notch?

This would show a calendar which you could this just select a different date.

No the wife and I tried. Once you get up there it tries to activate the pull down menu/status bar.

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Having the same issue on my pixel 3 xl. I hope they fix this quickly.

What developer option are you suggesting as a work around?

I was told it will be in the next app update.

Go into your settings if you already have developer options turned on and search “notch”. It should be the only choice.