Securing eufy doorbell with a security screw

It will be very nice to be able to secure the device with a security screw to avoid it being too easy to unmount the doorbell from the mounted bracket.

If you have access from the back of the device, you can thru-bolt it and put a dab of epoxy in the release hole. Might be overkill for some, but I wired mine permanently and don’t have to worry about charging it. Placed a wall plate over the inside so if I ever have to remove it, it can be unscrewed and removed.

Someone could still pry it off, but they would have to work at it and my porch cam would be watching them the whole time.

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Yeah I installed mine in a similar way but can can be avoided if they make case for the current ones and also with the future versions they will have a security screw screwing the device to the brackets. Just an opinion throwing it out there. I I’m not the first person suggesting this and also hope Eufy techs will listen to us and come up with something little bit more secured

The other day I needed to get access to my radar housing. It was secured using an obscure security screw I hadn’t seeen before. Went to my local hardware guy and he sold me a kit that has every security bit ever made for $40. I’m sure that anyone going stealing would be equiped with something like that, so my trust in security screws is not high. I saw someone in Europe had startted making metal brackets for Eufy doorbells to make them more secure. That might withstand evrything but a prybar. I guess it all depends on what your threat level is and how much you want to spend to alleviate it.

Exactly what I’m planning to do. Replace the connection screws with longer ones to secure through the frame. 1 1/2m USB micro to A cable from the base to the doorbell routed through the frame as well.

Agree Eufy should implement some kind of security like this. This device is very vulnerable as supplied.