Second wireless doorbell to one homebase 2

We plan to buy one homebase2 and 3 cam’s. Is it possible to ad a second wireless doorbell to one homebase2?
Vincent, Netherlands.

Yes. You can add another doorbell, multiple sensors, cameras, and keypads to the same homebase. I currently have 13 devices on my homebase 2. No issues with that setup.

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Hey, hoping you might be able to help given all the experience with 13 devices! We are trying to add a second doorbell, it’s fully charged, I’m currently sat next to the Homebase trying to sync it. I’ve pushed and held the sync button for varying lengths of time but it doesn’t make a sound. I’ve tried to use the app to scan the barcode but it says to add to the Homebase first. I just can’t seem to get it to work :frowning: I’ve tried the quick tap of 5 on sync button but also doesn’t work. Any advice greatly appreciated please :slight_smile:

Is your phone on wifi on the same SSID as the Homebase? That’s the only thing i can think of that will stop from adding a device.

It is possible you have a bad doorbell. Contact support and they will either give you things to try or replace the doorbell.

Hi, yes all on same WiFi. I’ll keep looking, thanks for replying :slight_smile:

You haven’t got a VPN on the phone have you, if so, try disabling it. VPNs can sometimes stop local network devices being found.

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Can you have each doorbell produce diffent sounds then they are rung? or do they both make the same sound?