Second mobile device link to base & cameras?

Can a second mobile device link to my base and camera set up?

Just sign into your eufy account on the other devices.

If the device belongs to someone else, have them download the eufySecurity app and create an account. You can then invite them as a guest or admin from the app on your device. If both devices are yours (phone and tablet, say), then just login on the second device as @munpip214 suggests.

I am using both of these solutions: logged into my account on my iPhone and iPad and invited my wife to view from her phone.

I am also having the same issue… The invitation is sent… But when I open my wife’s account, it does not show any invitation received or any button to accept it. I had to sign into my account on her phone! Say I wanna give the privilege to a friend to monitor the house for us when we travel. It is not convenient to grant admin access to everyone! Eufy needs to look into this issue.

My daughter has downloaded the app on her phone, how do I remove her access as I don’t want her to be getting notifications and having access?