Second Honebase 2

If I add a second Homebase 2, wirelessly, with additional cameras connected: How is the wireless connection, is the second HB2 connected to my WiFi, or are the 2 HB’s connected to each other (like master & extension)

The homebases won’t talk to each other, only to the app via Wifi or ethernet. You can use multiple homebases on the app, but automations and modes apply only to devices paired with each homebase. The app is basically the master and the other homebases are just extensions.

I confirm. But also would like to have the HB2 corresponding to each other.
I want to use just one keypad to change security status for both homebases.

No can do. As I said, the current homebases don’t communicate with themselves, only the app and devices paired to that homebase. Some time in 2021, Eufy are supposed to release Homebase 3, which will provide enhanced functionality like external storage and possibly be able to consolidate security across homebases.

Note: this was annouced on this board in Oct 2020 by @Mengdi. It was a FYI and not a set in stone product at this point. We’ll have to wait and see.