Second base unit not updating

Hi there,
I recently Purchased a second starter kit as it was a lot cheaper for me than purchasing extra cameras. Also because I was very happy with the initial purchase. Installed second base unit and cameras etc and all cameras and both base units all working perfectly. Just now I was browsing through the settings of the new base unit and noticed that the firmware version is not matching that of the Homebase 1 - I tapped on check firmware and it says it is up to date.

What is the reason for this please ?


Eufy is on a rolling update schedule, so it’s common to have different firmware versions on similar equipment. When its your turn, it will get updated. The "Check for Firmware Update "
function hasn’t ever worked for me because everything was either uptodate or waiting for my spot on the update list.

If you are having issues, and know that a specific firmware fix that you don’t have has corrected the problem, you can request that support push the fix out to your device(s). You will have to send your serial number(s) when you contact them.