Screwy Eufy Cam 2 notifications

Ok, I took down my new Eufy Cam 2 to put one of those new skins on it…topped off the battery that was at 90% and put it back up. Now when I get a motion alert my iphone shows 115 alerts…or 108 alerts. It didn’t do that before I charged it up. Anybody seen that?

Hello @Charlie310 can you show a picture/screenshot of what you are talking about?
If you are talking about notifications on your iphone, I set “notification grouping” on my iphone to “Automatic” so it groups all eufy alerts in one place until I clear them.

Thanks, mine is set the same way…to Automatic on my iphone. The notifications show hugh, incorrect numbers: 135, 115 alerts, when in fact there is only 1 or 2 alerts. I’m trying to figure it out. Thanks