Scheduled security mode + Geolocation

Not sure if this is the right place… But I thought I’d submit a good idea for the scheduled mode. Genuinely really want to have the geolocation mode active as it would account for us leaving the house and arming it automatically. But would be great if I could schedule it on for the say time then swap to a night time armed setting automatically at a set time… thoughts?


Agree with this suggestion. I too want to use Geofencing during the day, but automatically switch to night node in the evening regardless of whether I am home or not. Combining the 2 pieces of functionality would be very useful.


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I agree with this suggestion too.


Me too. This would make life a lot easier. Some thermostats have the same functionality as you described above so shouldn’t be impossible to do…


Thank you for your good suggestion. Since the combination of Geofencing and Schedule will affect the basic recording logic of the camera, we are still finetuning this function, which is expected to be supported before Q4 2020.
If there is new progress, we will post an announcement in this forum, so stay tuned.


AWESOME! You guys never disappoint I’m always really impressed ! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

I’ve just installed the system at my home and came across the same shortfall. I wonder if there has been any progress with this upgrade?


I am a newbie to this system and this is one of the things I noticed missing compared to my previous system

Still impressed @Perseus12?