Schedule: Geofencing

I would love if we could schedule Geofencing. I would alternate between geofencing during the day and our custom “sleep” setting.

Currently we just manually switch between the two so it aint that big a deal, but it’d be a nice feature.


Altready here: Geofencing + Scheduling/recording at night while home

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The #1 Feature request for over a year now, while also being the MOST obvious solution to improve the battery life of all of their devices. Instead, I’m stuck leaving it in “away” mode while home.

Yet eufy can’t seem to engineer this easy solution to improve all of their products. It’s really fascinating.

If we want this to be done, please send an email to eufy support. They just answered me that they will pass the info to the tech staff but that they will consider it only of there are more people affected.

They don’t even look at the threads we open, so let’s open real cases into their system by sending emails to

Ask for all the missing features other companies already have and ask them to implement them now.