Schedule for battery doorbell

Is there anyway to use schedules for motion on the battery doorbell? This in on back deck and the area is used during day by owner. I’d like to only setup motion feature at designated times to save battery’s and less notifications on motion only… It appears to be on/off… Additional purchases to allow this? Or additional smart devices or apps?

You can set a schedule under the security tab—>storage device—>Modes. The options include, geofencing, schedule etc. Then once the schedule is set you would choose actions under “home” and “away”

I don’t see a way to do that for this device only… Since it’s attached to the home base it’s all or none that are attached I’d assume.
Am I correct?

You are correct.

You can schedule the doorbell by drilling down from the homebase on Security | Modes. Unfortunately, you cannot turn off the motion detect feature. You can stop recording or push notifications or the alarm. Each device has its own settings for a mode.