Schedule camera on/off for privacy

I am using indoor pan+tilt to monitor very elderly parent An essential need is to disable the camera on/off for privacy reasons during certain times of day. Is this on the development horizon?


Can you not do this using the ‘schedule’ option in security?

Otherwise, use a smart plug to cut off power of you really paranoid

@ireneupton Unfortunately, there isn’t an automation, schedule, or mode to turn “off” the camera (where it goes into privacy, lens is covered) besides turning the camera completely off.

I have a similar situation with my parents who live in another state…and I get that it’s a PRIVACY and comfort matter for the individuals, not a paranoia @cheesecakebrook. I keep the Eufy indoor camera off and only turn it on to “check in” with them if they don’t answer their phone after a couple of times… at least I have a second option to make sure they’re safe.

Hopefully, Eufy will take this into consideration and allow it in a future update. In the meanwhile, I do agree with @cheesecakebrook that another option is a smart plug. Automate that and the camera will turn on/off whenever you need it.

In your scenario, I would not trust Eufy. The camera needs to be “physically” disconnected.

Like @cheesecakebrook said, use a smart power plug from another vendor, to turn off and on the plug that powers the camera.

I personally use a smart power strip, where I can turn off and on individual sockets, one for google home, one for a lava lamp and another for an indoor camera.

@Adrian22 In reality, anything connected to the internet can be compromised. No matter how “secure” ANY brand states their devices are. If your login information is hacked or stolen, then someone could have access without you knowing it.

So if the purpose is to only check your cameras intermittently or on a schedule, then a power strip is a great idea or individual plug to turn on/off only when needed! If you’re counting on coverage 24/7, then do your research on companies, or have an elite setup to prevent any access…but then again, streaming anything on the internet still has its flaws.

The “pan close” feature was so cool, until I realized it had to manually turn on/off. Disappointing.

If putting it in an area where it might see personal activity, I wouldn’t trust it anyway. I don’t think there is a lens covered option?

But if you place it conveniently to hand, keep a nice throw cloth nearby to toss over it as needed (won’t help with sound, so not 100%). Or the smart plug as others have noted.