Saving Video Feed to SD card

Hello everyone !

I just bought an IndoorCam P24 and I’ve added a SanDisk 128 Go 10-class microSD card on it.
I’ve formatted the SD card with the Eufy App, I’ve set the “Continuous Recording” option but it seems that my camera doesn’t save anything on the SD card.

Any ideas ?

You cannot read the SD card directly because it’s encrypted. You must view the playback footage through the app. That will provide the keys to decrypt your video.

Thank you for your answer. The issue is that when I access the playback footage, the camera tells me that there’s no video recorded.

Is there no Blue Band in the Playback screen. The blue section is where video is recorded. If you don’t have that, maybe your SD card isn’t all the way inserted or is faulty.


Try formatting the sd card to ntfs

The card won’t work if formatted for ntfs. It has to be formatted ext4, which is how the Eufy devices format when you hit the Format button. All Eufy devices use an underlying version of Linux as a base.

how do you read the SD card in the app? my mac says it cannot read the card…

Thank You in Advance!

You go to the device and hit the live view arrow. On the bottom left side of the image, there is a Playback selection. Hit that and then select day you want to view. You will need to scrub back and forth to get to the time of day you are interested in.

Your Mac can probably see the video files since it can read ext4 format, but it won’t allow you to view the contents of the files. The files cannot be accessed outside of the app because of the encryption,