S330 Solar Cam (4G WiFi) RTSP configuration?

I’m trying to setup NAS RTSP - on my S330 camera. I watched the video , and the first thing I can’t seem to find is the Setup Guide - ?

I look under the Device / Settings / can’t seem to find anything that reflects setting up RTSP - username / password - to ‘enable’ it or disable it. Nothing?


When you’re in settings tap on General and then Storage.
See if the option is available…

The ONLY thing listed is
’Local Storage’

I read some specs on it, and it doesn’t have that option.

  • Is 4G LTE Cam S330 compatible with HomeBase S380, other smart home devices, or NAS storage?

It works with HomeBase S380 when connected via Wi-Fi. It supports Google Assistant and Alexa, but does not work with Apple HomeKit. NAS storage is not supported.*

Thanks for the INFO… VERY helpful