S330 eufy Cam hard drive/storage

I recently purchased the above security camera and have a question about storage. I know I can add a HHD/SSD. Would this one be suitable? https://www.scan.co.uk/products/1tb-seagate-st1000lm048-barracuda-25-hdd-sata-iii-6gb-s-5400rpm-128mb-cache-56ms-ncq-512e-7mm-oem

I’m not in the least bit clued up on technical know how and was wondering how I then view what is stored on the Hard drive. Do i view it through my mac air?

Also I know I can get eufy cloud storage but am I right in thinking the basic subscription would only store from 1 camera?

Yes that HDD will work…

What kind of hard drive can I use to expand the storage of HomeBase 3?
Any 5V 2.5" storage drive (HDD or SSD) with a SATA interface.
Note: 12V storage drives are not supported.

To watch what’s on the hard drive you would just view it normally through the Eufy App.

Don’t know about the cloud storage, I don’t use it.

Thank you so much. I’m all set up now :grinning:

That is what I went with. Hard drives are noisy, can get warm, and aren’t as reliable as SSDs.

How’s this working out for you a year or so later?

Working well. So well that I’m considering upgrading my storage. I never really foresaw wanting to backtrack long term but it’s so cheap and works so nicely that now I’m thinking I should just get bigger SSDs so I can look back months if want to.